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STXR-5 Heavy X-Ray Thickness Gauge
Compact Universal X-ray Gauge System

The STXR-5 X-ray thickness gauge is used for heavier gauge applications such as plate mills and hot mills. It can be tuned for multiple thickness ranges and features an auto-set function for each thickness range.

The STXR-5 heavy X-ray gauge is available with the SenTek 1000 Gauge Electronics Platforms for a complete and competent gauging system.

High Temperature Gauge Environment: In the hot rolling environment, our C-frames are equipped with high-temperature seals and windows, water cooling and forced air continuous venting to ensure a long life, stable measurement, and safe operation. The low surface area design and high-reflectivity sensor windows minimizes heat pickup from the process.

Pin-point diagnostics, visual parts identification, and electronic troubleshooting are several features of the SenTek 1000 that makes our gauging systems easy to service even in difficult and hazardous locations.

Additional Features:

  • The STXR-5 heavy X-ray gauge features our SenTek 9001 X-ray source package. This is a light-weight compact monoblock hybrid-tube design that is significantly smaller, lighter, and less expensive than the X-ray sources of past generation thickness gauges.
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