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1300 Memory Lane North, Columbus, OH 43209
Radiation Services
Service, Training, and Documentation for Gauge Devices
Our Field Service Technicians and Engineers are available 24 hours
every day to repair and service isotope gauge devices and X-ray gauges.
Call 1-877-5-SENTEK ( 1-877-573-6835) any time day or night for emergency service.

Leak Testing for Sealed Sources: SenTek can perform periodic leak test on sealed radiation sources that are required to be leak tested at regular intervals. We can also perform leak test in conjunction with gauge calibration, alignments, and maintenance.

Sealed Source replacements, installation, and removal: We provide new sealed source replacements for half-life-decayed older sources, as well as source installation and removal services.

Sealed Source Storage and Disposal: SenTek continually works with our customers, suppliers, and disposal facilities to remove, secure, store, and submit for disposal decayed and unwanted sealed sources in gauge devices.

Radiation Safety Training Classes: SenTek offers Radiation Safety training classes for Gauge Device users, operators, and maintenance personnel. Topics typically include Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation, Safe Operating Procedures, ALARA and minimizing exposure, Preventing Contamination, X-ray safety, Emergency Procedures, Security Requirements, and Access Control Programs.

Radiation Surveys and Radiation Patterns: We conduct radiation surveys around new and old gauge devices to help our customers comply with record keeping requirements as well as determine safe distances for work stations and operator panels around the gauge device.

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