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STG-2 Am-241 Gamma Gauge 3000mCi
High-Intensity Gamma Thickness Gauge

For the latest design of the gamma gauge system, SenTek listened to shift electricians, millwrights, and control engineers to provide gamma gauges that offer easier service, faster measurement, and lower noise than ever before.

The STG-2 high-intensity gamma gauge has all the same great features of the STG-1 gauge, but adds multiple signal strength for much lower noise and faster measurement. This gauge is primarily intended for aluminum hot rolling applications as well as steel and stainless steel cold rolling.

The STG-2 gamma thickness gauge can be mated with either the SenTek 1000 or the SenTek 500 Gauge Electronics Platforms for a complete and competent gauging system.

Why Gamma Gauges? Gamma gauges are insensitive to changes in the alloy chemistry composition of the material being measured. They are also robust and simple, since they do not require any tuning components.

SenTek’s gauge device design contains a built-in automatic check sample that allows repeated and precise tracking of gauge accuracy and performance. Automate the gauge check.

The simple construction of the STG gamma sensors makes it possible to construct very narrow and low-profile thickness gauges for tight spots.

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