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STB-3 Sr-90 Beta Gauge (300 or 400mCi)
Beta Light Gauge

SenTek’s STB-3 beta thickness gauge is a proven design with a track record of long and reliable service in the aluminum industry. Recent improvements include temperature-controlled head heaters and heated air wipes, an added internal check flag for automated gauge checks, vertical air curtain, and a stretch-tension source holder window for added temperature stability during cold start up rolling.

The added internal check sample can be used to re-tune a standard beta gauge to operate successfully at a thinner, lighter gauge (down to 0.002 inch / 0.05 mm).

Why Beta Gauges? Beta gauges are insensitive to changes in the alloy chemistry composition of the material being measured.

Our beta sensors can be combined with our X-ray sensors in a dual-gauge configuration for increased accuracy and flexibility.

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