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STB-2 Sr-90 Beta Gauge 400mCi
Beta Thickness Gauge

SenTek’s STB-2 400 mCi beta thickness gauge is a proven design with a track record of long and reliable service in the aluminum industry. Recent improvements include temperature-controlled head heaters and heated air wipes, an added internal check flag for automated gauge checks, vertical air curtain, and a stretch-tension source holder window for added temperature stability during cold start up rolling.

SenTek’s STB-2 adds additional signal strength for 25% lower noise and faster measurement compared to our STB-1 gauge.

STB-2 Sr-90 Beta Gauge can be mated with either the SenTek 1000 or the SenTek 500 Gauge Electronics Platforms for a complete and competent gauging system.

Why Beta Gauges? Beta gauges are insensitive to changes in the alloy chemistry composition of the material being measured.

Our beta sensors can be combined with our X-ray sensors in a dual-gauge configuration for increased accuracy and flexibility.

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