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1300 Memory Lane North, Columbus, OH 43209
SenTek Samples and Standards
Calibration standards for use by our customers

SenTek provides calibration standards for use by our customers to calibrate and maintain thickness and coat weight measurement systems.

Our engineers and technicians work with each customer to carefully select the materials for each sample set. Sample materials are selected to ensure that each gauge calibration covers the intended range of thickness, coating mass, alloys, and chemical compositions. Samples are cut, cleaned, and processed at the laboratory facility in our Columbus plant. In some cases we will travel to the customer’s plant site and perform our sample and standards laboratory in conjunction with the plant’s QC personnel and QC laboratory, to ensure perfect synchronization in the calibration results between the customer’s gauges and process QC laboratory.

SenTek’s Samples and Standards Laboratory can establish precise thickness through direct contact measurement (micrometer), and for added precision, thickness and coating by weight. At the completion of each Samples and Standards project, a certificate is issued that shows the traceability of the standards and the equipment used.

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