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SenTek Multi-Zone Profile Gauge - MZP 1000
Hot Mill Profile Gauge

SenTek’s 1000 System is now available as a multi-zone cross-machine simultaneous profile thickness gauge for aluminum hot mill applications. Available with up to 45 parallel measurement zones, the SenTek 1000 MZP can provide accurate measurement for bending, side-set, leveling, spot cooling, and strip edge management. The SenTek 1000 MZP features fan-beam x-ray sources with 1, 2, or 3 detectors each, depending on the application and desired resolution. Up to 15 X-ray sources can be installed on the same frame.

Built on SenTek’s simple and reliable STXR-10 thickness sensor, the 1000 MZP Gauge is built with fewer components compared to past generations of gauging systems, resulting in lower cost and easy maintenance. SenTek’s Multi-Zone Profile Gauge is built with a forced-air cooled X-ray source mounted in a vibration-proof shock-mount suspension. A unique air-flow vent arrangement together with a forced-air cooling system allows the X-ray source to function comfortably in the Hot Mill environment.

Additional Features:

  • In the Multi-Zone Profile gauge application, each X-ray source can be mated to a detector housing featuring one, two, or three X-ray detectors.
  • All SenTek 1000 Gauge systems have an optional coil report feature available. For the SenTek 1000 MZP Gauge the standard coil report features a length-based thickness trace for the center-line measurement zone, and a 3-D surface graph for easy review of thickness trends and anomalies. Coil Report files can be archived on the gauge hard disk or on a file server as desired.
  • SenTek’s 1000 Gauge System can be equipped with dual monitor outputs, allowing the operator to see gauge measurement and control action at the same time.

Even experienced operators can become distracted when multiple control parameters are presented on different screens and in different formats. SenTek’s gauging system provides a comprehensive Profile Management overview display that allows the operator a detailed insight into all the mill parameters that affect the thickness profile, including bending, skewing, and spot cooling.

Thanks to the flexibility of LabVIEW, custom algorithms for calculating % profile, side set, and many other profile qualification numbers are easily absorbed into the operator information.

X-Ray Source

Up to 3 Detectors per source

Coil Report