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SenTek 535 Thickness Gauge
Compact Universal X-ray Gauge System

We are pleased to introduce the SenTek 535 Gauging System, a new, compact, economical thickness gauge system based on the STXR-10 X-ray sensor and the SenTek 500 Gauge Electronics Platform.The low cost and economy of the 535 X-ray is a result of the low component count and modular design – the 535 X-ray gauge has the fewest components of any of our X-ray systems. The low component count results in a gauge system with reliability and ease-of-service far beyond its price tag.

The STXR-10 X-ray sensor features a unique air-cooling setup that does not require an external chiller – a big savings in cost and maintenance headaches!

The STXR-10 and the 500 System are the main components of our new 535 modular X-ray gauge:

Additional Features:

  • The 535 Universal X-ray gauge is uniquely suited for use on inspection lines, slitters, re-coilers, and crop shear gauges. It can also be used as an entry-level rolling mill gauge. The unique air cooling of the STXR-10 X-ray sensor allows it to operate comfortably in ambient temperatures up to 80 to 90 degrees C.
  • The compact size of the 535 sensor components permits a compact, low-profile design of the C-frame and the sensor housing. The 535 can be installed in spaces where many larger gauges do not fit.
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