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SenTek 500 System
Scaled-down version of our 1000 system

Our 500 System is a scaled-down version of our 1000 system with fewer components, smaller size, and substantially lower cost.

The 500 System is available as a single gauge configuration for isotope and X-ray thickness gauges. It is the platform base for the DataLogger 500 system, and has been built to support our laboratory measurement products.

Our 500 System is built entirely from commercially available, off-the-shelf DIN rail mounted components for easy service, low cost, and fast delivery. At the heart of the system sits an industrial hardened PC with Windows XP that is identical to the one used in the 1000 System. The reduced complexity of the 500 System gives it a very low component count that reduces cost and increases reliability.

Inside the PC sits a high-speed multi-thread DSP card powered by LabVIEW instrumentation software.

The 500 System supports many different network interfaces and host link protocols, including TCP/IP, OPC, ModBus, RS-232 serial links, PROFIBUS, MessageQ, and many others.

Additional Features:

  • The 500 System is available with a limited number of additional Analog and Digital I/O for remote controls and pushbutton stations.
  • An Industrial hardened TFT or LCD touchscreen is standard, along with a fold-up keyboard shelf. A remote color touchscreen operator display and keyboard is also supported.
  • The 500 System is built in a compact, space-saving wall-mounted cabinet.
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