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Laboratory Gauge Systems
SenTek Off-Line Measurement

SenTek now offers coating and thickness measurement as a laboratory off-line measurement. Our off-line sensors are built around our small, cost-efficient 500 System electronics platform, with application software suited for laboratory use.

The laboratory system application includes measurement storage and data management, measurement export and hardcopy printouts, and all of the sensor diagnostics and service features that are also included in our regular on-line gauging systems.

All of our sensor products can be configured as laboratory sensors for measuring the same coating and thickness parameters as our regular on-line gauges, but without any influence or interference from the process.

Our off-line gauges feature fast, rugged connectors that permit the user to install, service, and move the equipment with very little effort. The 500 System and the laboratory sensors are identical to the regular on-line gauge components and can be interchanged with the on-line gauge at any time for added service, spare parts, and flexibility.

Additional Product Advantages

  • Set up gauge calibrations for new alloys, products, and processes when the on-line gauges are difficult to access.
  • Use in the quality control laboratory to speed the QC process considerably, eliminating guesswork and uncertainty
  • Add a line of defense to prevent any out-of-spec product from reaching your customer
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